2016 Wardrobe Heroes

It’s the last day of January which is really the last moment when writing about 2016 favourites could be deemed remotely acceptable. So let me take this very last opportunity to share with you the stars of my collection – my five 2016 wardrobe heroes.

1. Leather Grafea backpack

This beautiful leather backpack has been my best friend this year. My walk to/from work is about 45mins each way, so a handbag doesn’t really make the cut. This little guy looks smart, and the white accents add a bit of something something. It’s roomy enough to fit my 13″ laptop and camera, but not so big that I feel like I’m going camping. It’s also sturdy enough to lug around at the weekend – my overall wardrobe favourite of the year! Check out Grafea for some beautiful Manchester-made leather goods.

2. High neck tops

This may be partly because I’m writing this post mid-winter, but I have basically been living in turtlenecks for the past 4/5 months (my younger self would absolutely cringe at this). This is partly attributable to my absolute hate for ironing – jumpers look smart enough for work and generally come out of the wash uncreased. But pair a good turtleneck with a pair of culottes, dress it up with a blazer and you have yourself a work outfit that makes you feel as good as your PJs do.

3. Blanket scarf

I actually can’t do cold weather without a scarf – if my neck is uncovered, I get a cold immediately (I accept that this may just be in my head, but hey). This massive ASOS number has been my absolute favourite – so much so that I lost it on a night out last winter (I’m guessing some numpty nicked it) and had to re-purchase the exact same one… I use it as an actual blanket (or pillow) when I travel and will often be seen wrapped up in its folds at my computer when the office gets a tad too chilly.

4. Culottes

On-trend pieces rarely make it into long-term favourties, but I really hit it off with culottes this year. They are the perfect swooshy alternatives to a skirt in warm weather (for the types who like lounging cross-legged and doing handstands on the beach) and I have a funky stripy pair for warm weekends, but I actually wear this black pair to the office. They look smart with a blazer and make you seem put together whilst offering loungewear-level comfort. All of my culottes are from Zara.

5. Nike trainers

As I mentioned, I do a lot of walking. I’m not the biggest fan of the Tube, so if I can get there in under an hour on foot, you’ll see me strollin’. This means I more or less live in my trainers – these Nike ones are my faves, although I do wear a leather pair if the ground is wet to save myself from soggy toes.

What are your absolute, can’t-live-without wardrobe staples?


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