The Swimsuit of 2017 and ASOS Eco Edit

Baywatch has had an unexpected revival in this year’s most popular swimwear trend. The low back / high leg one-piece is all the rage. Earlier this summer, I needed a new swimsuit and reluctantly headed to trusty ASOS to do the deed. I have mixed feelings about ASOS. I mean, I love it. Nobody (not even Amazon) does delivery and…
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New direction: looking at sustainable fashion

Lately I’ve been re-assessing my relationship with fashion. Don’t get me wrong – I love everything about it, from tailoring to trends to glossy magazines. But I can’t help but ignore the impact that this sort of consumerist culture has more broadly – on various ethical issues and the environment. And that’s where I’d like to steer this blog. I’ve…
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The weather in England is still dreadful and yet I, along with probably the whole country, am so ready for spring. So ready that I have undertaken the spring capsule wardrobe update – and boy did it need updating. I wrote this post in January with every intention of doing a bigger overhaul of my capsule, but being the picky…
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