Casual Capsulette


Having only recently entered into the world of working adults, I still frequently lament the sparsity of weekends and free time. And the sparser free time is, the lesser the opportunity to put to use the right-hand segment of my venn diagram – though not for lack of trying.

The casual capsulette of my capsule wardrobe includes one jacket, 7 tops, 2 jumpers, 3 pairs of jeans, a dress and 3 pairs of shoes. My approach to this segment of the wardrobe involved the adoption of two simple rules: 1. no ironing; and 2. no freezing to death. The aesthetics came third after that. The two jumpers, one from & Other Stories, and this one from Micha Lounge, combined with this ASOS scarf, do a great job of taking care of point 2. As does this Whistles jumper dress, which should really be moved into the middle section of my venn diagram – I’ve worn it to work and nobody seemed too confused about that (which they have done with some of my outfits in the past). I’ve also slightly bought into this season’s 90s throwback trend with a loudly branded Adidas t-shirt.

As far as footwear is concerned, I don’t share the crippling shoe fetish that seems to affect a lot of fashion enthusiasts(‘ wallets). I am one for careful selection, followed by wearing the shoe to its inevitable death. See Exhibit A – my Nike trainers (top of the photo). They may look alright in the photo, but trust me when I say they are a shabby ride these days. But they get me to and from the office and are therefore an absolute staple. Some variant of a black ankle boot is also essential in all seasons (these are from Office). The high boots will likely be a winter capsule exclusive, as gorgeous as they are (from Kurt Geiger). That said, the weather in London doesn’t seem to be easing up on the single digit temperatures any time soon, so we will see.

What are your favourite casual wardrobe items?

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