Denim Throwback: The Perfect Mom Jean

Let me be straight here – denim is a bit of a bitch. There are few wardrobe items more rewarding than a perfectly fitting jean, but the actual process of finding said perfectly fitting jean is a nigh on impossibly feat.


Point in case – I’ve been looking for some mom jeans for a while. Granted, they’re a bit of a trend item. And granted, they are unflattering by definition. But, like with every piece in my collection, I thought about this purchase a lot. Then I thought about it again. And then I decided they were, indeed, a good (fantastic, even) idea. But therein lies the rub – I tried model after model and none of them really fit the bill. At one point I ordered two different styles of ASOS’s own brand mom jeans in the exact same size and I could have fit in one pair twice, whereas the other pair barely had any breathing room. Baffling.

But in comes this perfect little pair of BDG mom jeans from Urban Outfitters and suddenly all my dreams of being thrown back to my mother’s wardrobe in the 80s seem within reach. Unflattering as the mom cut is, I have found a fine contender for the least unflattering pair (on me, at least – I hope they work for you, otherwise I wish you luck in your search too).


For those of you wishing to educate yourselves, check this MTV article (reputable source, I know) for a brief history of the mom jean. It’s truly inspirational. And please let me know if you come across a gem of a mom jean – I’ve found my dream pair, but I am forever interested.



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