Pyjama season and vintage shirts

Tis’ the season to be jolly and live in pyjamas. Really, that is the beauty of Christmas. It’s the time to dwell in comfort – whether that’s because you’re among loved ones so you simply don’t care, or because you’re recovering from hangovers on the daily. Point in case: this soft, men’s vintage YSL shirt. I could fit inside it twice, which is ideal for comfortably wrapping around that Christmas week food baby.

As much as the victory of a good vintage find appeals to me, I’ve never been great at second hand or vintage shopping. For me, the average vintage shop induces the same feelings as the average high street store in sale season – chaos and confusion. And yet buying second hand or vintage is possibly the most sustainable way to consume fashion – the greenest item of clothing is one that already exists (I’ve borrowed that from somewhere, though I can’t quite pinpoint where, for which I apologise).

Which is why I adore a well-curated vintage shop with a limited selection of prize items. Basically, one in which someone has already done the hard work for you. This particular shirt is from Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair – a fair that tours a number of cities in the UK with various sellers offering up a hand-picked selection of vintage treasures. Doing it online is another way to dodge said chaos and confusion. Recent browsing of Christmas jumpers landed me on the Beyond Retro website, which has a spectacular selection, all in the safety of sanitised, individually photographed items (I’d been to the store, which is overwhelming, but hadn’t previously come across the web incarnation).

Do you have tips for where or how to shop vintage? Would love to read them if so!

Vintage YSL shirt  |  Oysho pyjama shorts


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