Step 1: Taking Inventory

Curated Theory closet makeover

Fact: I have the most inconveniently shaped closet. It resembles a noodle that’s decided to point at you and has this incredible talent of rendering copious amounts of space more or less useless.

I mentioned last week that the Curated Theory would start with a curated [capsule] wardrobe. This involves compiling a perfectly curated set number of wardrobe pieces that will get you through a season. A season is three months long – in this case the wintery January to March. The idea is that at the start of every season you give your wardrobe a re-think, change a piece out here or there, but make no additions to or subtractions from it during the season itself. It’ll take your mind off your clothes and your hands out of your wallet. Or that’s the theory anyway.

Step 1 of creating a capsule wardrobe? Taking inventory. I, like many, (face it, probably you) am a hoarder of all things remotely memorable/hypothetically potentially useful/kind of cute. How many of those things do I use? I’d be surprised if the number crossed the tenth percentile. Maths aside, there are people out there who could make much better use of all that stuff – so I was strict with myself: anything that was not being used frequently had to go. Summer clothes and Christmas jumpers went into storage boxes in the more inaccessible parts of my noodle closet, the rest went into two massive bin bags to be deposited at the closest Oxfam.

What remained were the bare essentials. I even gave the space a little re-vamp to make the noodle feel less noodle-like. Then I took the inventory itself – I have a few pieces I love, and a few pieces I still need to get to fill the gaps. The selection needs to suit my lifestyle. Unlike Into Mind and Un-Fancy (where the capsule idea sprouted from), I have a corporate job and need a two-part capsule to accommodate both the serious and the casual. A capsule with capsulettes, so to speak. But more on the particulars of that next week. For now, here’s a before and after from my noodle’s weight loss programme. She’s kind of hard to make look pretty.



  1. February 4, 2016 / 3:54 am

    I admire you throwing away so many things! I read an article about this woman Marie Kondo who is a queen at home organizing and she wrote that one should feel gratitude towards everything you own. Her method of tidying up and minimizing what you have is to hug each item and if it doesn’t spark joy then throw it away! Here is more about here if you are interested :

    good luck and I can’t wait to see how you create your capsule wardrobe xx

  2. February 5, 2016 / 6:04 pm

    Haha! My aunt’s old apartment was filled with closets like yours! It drove her mad!

    I have been thinking of starting a capsule wardrobe as well. I’m excited to start following your journey, maybe it will finally convince me to start my own!

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