Sustainable OOTD: Turmeric Jumpsuit

This summer has felt positively Californian here in England. Endless days of 30 degree heat without a drop of rain or a cloud in the sky. Widespread disbelief at the glorious weather. Lots of sweat. I started playing the game of how-little-clothing-can-I-wear-without-causing-outrage. I figured it out. A single, perfect, turmeric jumpsuit.
It’s 100% linen and ethically made by Rove, a Byron Bay based brand started by a travel-inspired designer. It’s built for comfort. It came in a canvas pouch and bio-degradable packaging, with a hand-written thank you note. Its sunshine colour means that it needs little by way of accessories to be interesting. I’m in love. I never want to take it off. I am also mostly morally opposed to ironing, so it will likely always be a little creased… Not that that has ever put me off anything!

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