Three ways to wear a turtleneck

I remember a definite (probably teenage) phase in my life when I thought the idea of wearing a turtleneck a total absurdity. Turtlenecks fell in the same category of “over my dead body” items as giant plastic hoop earrings and crocs. And yet, and yet… Here I am doing a post on how to style a (beautiful, camel, merino wool)…
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The Swimsuit of 2017 and ASOS Eco Edit

Baywatch has had an unexpected revival in this year’s most popular swimwear trend. The low back / high leg one-piece is all the rage. Earlier this summer, I needed a new swimsuit and reluctantly headed to trusty ASOS to do the deed. I have mixed feelings about ASOS. I mean, I love it. Nobody (not even Amazon) does delivery and…
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Dressing up pyjamas for summer days

Just when we thought summer might not happen at all this year (at least here in England), this week came along and was absolutely glorious. So glorious that our London apartment is insufferable if we don’t keep every door and window open whilst we’re in the house. And when any contact with your skin feels like it might tip you…
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The weather in England is still dreadful and yet I, along with probably the whole country, am so ready for spring. So ready that I have undertaken the spring capsule wardrobe update – and boy did it need updating. I wrote this post in January with every intention of doing a bigger overhaul of my capsule, but being the picky…
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