How to Buy Investment Pieces

I had the pleasure of spending a few sunny days in the south of France last weekend – and sprung at the chance of pulling my beloved transitional pieces out of hibernation. You know you’ve made a good investment when you get just as excited to pull your seasonal items out a year later as you were to buy them in the first place. So let’s talk choosing investment pieces.

Firstly, let’s just acknowledge that everyone’s threshold of what falls into the “investment” category will differ.  For me, the aim of the game is for my wardrobe to consist 90% of investment pieces – so I’m not focusing on crazy expensive designer handbags here (although they would also clearly come under the investment umbrella). What I mean by “investment” are good quality, durable items that you do usually have to splash out a bit more on, but importantly, their cost per wear will ultimately be minimal.

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