Curated Guide to Lisbon

Lisbon2Alright, I confess, the title of this post is a lie. There’s only so much ‘guiding’ you can do when you’ve visited a city for the first time and only for a long weekend at that. The post should really be called ‘Things I Did / Saw / Ate and Would Recommend You Do / See / Eat on an Extended Weekend in Lisbon’. But that would have been a mouthful.

What I can tell you is this – Lisbon is absolutely stunning. Its streets tell the story of Portugal’s decadent past, with now run-down renaissance buildings from the ‘Age of Discoveries’ mixed with the Pombaline architecture of the downtown area, which was re-built on a grid following an earthquake in 1755. The city is lively and colourful, with charming doorways, decorative tiles, (somewhat treacherous) cobbles and narrow streets winding across a hilly landscape. The hilliness of the city also means you get some pretty incredible views.

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