The Best of 2017

2018 started for me with a disaster of a week. Between fairly heavy illness and family overload, I’d had enough of the year within hours of its beginning. It was such a trainwreck, in fact, that I decided to delete it from existence entirely, redo New Year’s Eve on Saturday 6 January and re-restart 2018. So welcome to my first week of this year. Happy new year. And – fittingly, after all that – let’s begin by celebrating the best of the year just gone.

1/ Most Worn Item: Mom Jeans

I wore these jeans so much in 2017 that the cost per wear on them must be more or less non-existent. So much so that, by the end of the year, these were the only jeans in my wardrobe apart from a sorry looking pair of black skinnies that a girl can’t really go without. By my side (or rather on my boodie) they enjoyed a 6-month stint at a tech company which saw me park my usual lawyerly suits firmly at the back of my wardrobe. We were inseparable.

2/ Best Brand Discovery: ARKET

ARKET opened its doors to London in August this year – right around the time that I made a commitment to only consume fashion sustainably. With its high-quality built-to-last materials (see jumper in pic above), transparent supply chain and beautiful simple designs, ARKET was the one for me. Whilst I’m fully aware that it’s part of the H&M group, it is the only brand I know of on the high street that is visibly trying to make a difference. My only gripe with it is that its sizes are as Scandinavian as its designs. Little people exist too, you know.

3/ Favourite Place Visited: Fish River Canyon, Namibia

In September, I qualified as a real lawyer (whoop). As a reward, my law firm let me run free for five weeks. I spent a large chunk of that time camping on the roof of a 4×4 in Namibia, and it was glorious. The single most breath-taking view, though, must have been the Fish River Canyon. We did an entire series of vlogs from Namibia, if you’re interested.

4/ Best Moment: The Killers at British Summer Time

The Killers were the soundtrack to my teenage years. And I’d be lying if I said I loved them any less now than I did then. So when the British Summer Time tickets made their existence known to me, it took me all of three seconds to snatch them up. Good thing too, as it’s the only BST night that sold out in 2017! I was buzzing for days afterwards. DAYS, I tell ya.

5/ Favourite Podcast: The High Low

2017 was the year of the podcast. Says every news outlet and media connoisseur. I’ve liked a great many podcasts this year – they accompany me on my hour-long walk to and from work on the daily. But The High Low is different to every other podcast – not because Pandora and Dolly (its hosts) are hilarious, discuss topical, often difficult issues, and make you want to have an opinion on everything. But because this is the podcast that made me fall back in love with reading.

6/ Best Movie: Blade Runner

Occasionally Jack feels the need to fill gaps in my movie education. When this movie came out, he sat me down to watch the original Blade Runner. It was cool, but I was unenthused about the new movie. He dragged me along to the cinema. I watched it. I was floored. This film is a masterpiece. Very rarely does a film feed all the senses in such an incredible way. From the visuals (the sets, the videography, the imagery, the colours!) to the sounds (the music, the droning, the spin of copter blades) to the acting (Ryan Gosling’s not just a pretty face) to the story… And all the while paying homage to the original film in a myriad intricate, intelligent ways.

I could go on with highlights, but the more I go on, the lower the lights become. What are some of your “bests” of 2017?


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