The Swimsuit of 2017 and ASOS Eco Edit

Baywatch has had an unexpected revival in this year’s most popular swimwear trend. The low back / high leg one-piece is all the rage. Earlier this summer, I needed a new swimsuit and reluctantly headed to trusty ASOS to do the deed. I have mixed feelings about ASOS. I mean, I love it. Nobody (not even Amazon) does delivery and convenience like ASOS does. And their selection is both affordable and wearable. But it makes shopping so easy that it tears the very idea of sustainability to pieces, one click at a time. In comes ASOS Eco Edit.

I actually only came across the ASOS Eco Edit by chance with this purchase – I haven’t seen it advertised or otherwise promoted, which is a shame. ASOS lists brands that comply with its criteria for sustainability under the Eco Edit. This particular swimsuit is ASOS own-brand and is made from recycled materials, but there are other ways that brands can fall within the sustainability criteria, such as being handmade or fair-trade.

The Eco Edit is a pleasant surprise of a discovery, and although it forms a very small fraction of the full ASOS site (at the time of writing, it lists 701 pieces in total), it gives the conscious consumer somewhere to shop online with ease.

Where are your favourite sustainable pieces from?


  1. December 3, 2017 / 7:50 am

    I had no idea there was an eco edit on ASOS. Personally I adore ASOS. I probably buy a good 50% of my wardrobe from them so it’s good to see them adding a more sustainable line in. Just wish they’d promote it more too, otherwise if I hadn’t come here I’d have no idea about it. So thank you.


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